The Story of Awakening Bliss


                 “Awakening Your Bliss one service at a time”.

Awakening Bliss a Salon,

Is the brain child of founders Brandon Reich and Richard Turney. The concept developed from the singular idea that everyone no matter where they fall with their personal development and growth desire the same same thing; to be happy. So it is our mission to awaken that Bliss that exists in all who walk through our doors, by providing a safe relaxing environment free of stress and judgement but loaded with personal care and a sincere desire and effort to give each client personal attention towards that end.

This sounds like a tall order for a place defined as a salon, but you will find we are much more than our designation.

It begins with an understanding that we as a species define ourselves by how others perceive us and that impression is largely based on the image we project. So a healthy self image is essential to that goal. With that in mind, our goal becomes your betterment and to help you project the best possible true image of who you are, and how we do it is Bliss.

We all feel more confident about ourselves when we like the person we see looking back at us every morning, so refining our appearance to reflect the best that we are is a good place to start and thats where the magic begins.

The Red Chair is a symbol of change and renewal much like our Dragonfly logo, it is the pill that Nemo swallowed in Matrix that allowed his mind to accept a reality outside the one he always understood and had been taught was the only option. The Red Chair is the first step.

Then there is the facial room which boasts the theme “relax”, and thats exactly what you will do under the caring hands of Christine. We offer a variety of programs designed to bring your face to a healthy state whether treating mature or troubled skin, all will see improvement and love the skin your in.

But nothing tops the treatment you will receive when you arrive for your appointment with Janet, she puts the “P” in pamper with her nail restoration and natural nail treatments all a step beyond the ordinary, and a standard of all her work.

And when the day has just been more than we can handle nothing says I love myself more than rewarding yourself with a massage with Carlos. Besides the obvious benefits of immediate relaxation and stress reduction, massage detoxes the body and improves the body’s function in all areas.

But that is only one leg of the journey, Awakening Bliss also has a certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer to assist you in your mind and souls search for harmony that comes from allowing your own mind to heal and balance the body as a whole. Treating mind body and soul as a singular function allows for a healthy self image and the resources to face the world and its challenges with all the firepower that is available to us all...

Once we Awaken our Bliss......